McNett Freesole – Urethane Formula Shoe Repair (28g Tube) (28g)

Save your shoes, rescue your boots. Enough with the annoying sole flapping! Use Freesole to reattach and rebuild the soles of your boots and shoes. Durable, flexible, and shock-absorbing, Freesole is made from the same material as most shoe soles, so it can quickly reattach soles, rebuild worn heel and toe areas, and create tough toe caps. Works on all types of footwear, including boots, athletic shoes, climbing shoes, rollerblades, and more. Freesole Urethane Formula Shoe Repair is a patented urethane rubber repair system designed to restore and rebuild all types of footwear. Unaffected by heat or solvents, FREESOLE cures to a flexible thermoset rubber product providing superior adhesion, wear resistance, flexibility and waterproofing. The highly concentrated formula has minimal shrinkage: thick repairs can be made with only one permanent application. Ideal for worn heels, toes, sole and ski delaminations and more. FREESOLE will not separate with repeated flexing. What is it? When cured (dry) Freesole is a tough, urethane rubber that won’t crack. How it works- Freesole re-bonds to peeling soles and rands (the strip of rubber that circles the shoe above the sole). It dries to a solid rubber in as little as 2 hours if mixed in Cotol-240TM. When applied, Freesole cures by reacting with humidity in the air. It doesn’t ‘dry’ the way other glues do. It changes from a moderately thick liquid to a thin, flexible, elastic rubber.Once cured, it’s permanent. The repair will generally last the life of the item. Keep partially used tube in freezer.

McNett Freesole - Urethane Formula Shoe Repair (28g Tube) (28g)

McNett Freesole – Urethane Formula Shoe Repair (28g Tube) (28g) – £7.96 (rrp £7.96)

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