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Once you have stepped out of a warm sleeping bag onto a freezing cold groundsheet you will appreciate the benefits of a camping carpet!

Tent carpets are pretty expensive so if you can’t afford one I would advise buying picnic rugs. The advantage of picnic rugs is that they are small enough to be picked up and shaken outside if they start getting gritty and they can also be washed on a cool wash in a washing machine.  You can use them again for picnics.

The disadvantage of using picnic rugs is that I find that they can be slippy and a bit of a trip hazard but you just need to be careful of this.  Also they aren’t very hardwearing and can rip.

Some people say why waste money on a fully fitted carpet. You only need it where you walk. However if you camp frequently additional floor covering will add to your tents insulation as well as protect your groundsheet from damage from inside and be more comfy.


Your tent manufacturer will have specific tent carpets for most larger tents, however there are universal tent carpets that maybe cheaper or better values, just check your measurements.


Vango do a universal range in different sizes and I think a good price.

The Vango Universal Carpet 240 x270 cm is £44.50

Vango Universal Carpet 240 x 270 cm – £44.50 The Vango Universal Carpet 240 x 270 cm is a fantastic way to add a bit of luxury to your Vango tent! With its foam mid layer that will add insulation and comfort to any tent this smart and easy to care for carpet will make your tent into a home!

This Universal Carpet has a practical waterproof and non-slip PE base and the woven nylon top can be cleaned easily with a brush, vacuum or a damp cloth, it also packs away into a handled carry bag making it incredibly easy to look after, transport and store away.

This Vango Universal Carpet measures in at 240 x 270 cm making it ideal for the Avington 500, Stanford 800, Iris 600 and other Vango tents as well as other makes of tents.

The carpet is also available in the following sizes

The Vango Universal Carpet 230 x 210cm – £39.50

Vango Universal Carpet 240 x 300cm – £51.00


Click here for a further choice of camping carpets.




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