(WF)Jetboil 3 Piece Companion Bowl Set (for SUMO 1.8L) (1.8L)

Jetboil 3 Piece Companion Bowl Set (for SUMO 1.8L) The compact and lightweight 3-piece Jetboil Sumo Companion Bowl Set nests invisibly inside any Jetboil Sumo cooking vessel along with all Sumo system components, adding a total of 1.8 liters of serving capacity and completing the ideal backcountry kitchen. Bowls and lids are constructed from tough and lightweight polypropylene and feature drink thru lids. colour reversible insulating cozies keep food and drinks warm.Sumo bowl set packs easily in Sumo systems with a 100 or 230 gram fuel, burner base, pot support and stabilizer. *Two large 23 oz (675 ml) bowls &amp one small 15oz (450 ml) bowl *Made from lightweight, durable polypropylene. BPA free. *colour reversible, insulating cozy on each bowl *Snap-on, drink-thru lids *Nests inside Sumo with with burner base, fuel can, stabilizer and pot support &bull Evenly portions out 1.8 Liters when used with Sumo measuring cup Weight All Bowls: 6.5 oz (190 g) Volume Large Bowl: 23 oz (675ml) Small Bowls: 15 oz (450ml) Dimensions Large Bowl: 4.25" x 3" (108 mm x 76 mm) Small Bowls: 4" x 2.5" (102 mm x 64 mm)

(WF)Jetboil 3 Piece Companion Bowl Set (for SUMO 1.8L) (1.8L)

(WF)Jetboil 3 Piece Companion Bowl Set (for SUMO 1.8L) (1.8L) – £25.95 (rrp £25.95)

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