(WF)Jetboil Fluxring SUMO Companion Cup 1.8L (Orange) (Orange)

Jetboil Fluxring SUMO Companion Cup 1.8L (Orange) Sumo is big &amp fast, powering through cooking chores while sipping fuel daintily. When used with the allseason Sol burner, 1.8 liter Sumo is a snow-melting power-house. Sumo locks directly onto your compatible Jetboil burner base* for ultra-quick set-up. Small groups can enjoy the efficiency of one-pot cooking with Sumo. Versatile Sumo supports a myriad of packing configurations. Sumo stows a 100 gm or 230 gm can of fuel and burner base with room to spare, or a complete Sol or Zip system with 100 gm fuel. It is also capable of stowing a 450 gram fuel canister. Weight 12.5 oz (355 g) Volume 60 oz (1.8 Liter) Dimensions 4.9" x 8.25" (125 mm x 210 mm)

(WF)Jetboil Fluxring SUMO Companion Cup 1.8L (Orange) (Orange)

(WF)Jetboil Fluxring SUMO Companion Cup 1.8L (Orange) (Orange) – £65.38 (rrp £65.38)

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