Bridgedale Womens MerinoFusion Summit Sock

Bridgedale s MerinoFusion Summit Socks for women are incredibly warm comfortable socks for the extreme outdoors A modern twist on a true classic Bridgedale have incorporated a trade favourite into these heavyweight socks merino wool This natural fibre is very warm while remaining lightweight and breathable It is also softer than ordinary wool and is far less irritating to sensitive skin An added bonus to this incredible natural wool is that it is antimicrobial deterring bacteria and odour It is a fantastic material for warm walking socks In the Women s MeriniFusion Summit Socks Bridgedale have wrapped each merino wool fibre in a CoolMax fibre This means that the socks feature all the benefits of merino wool with the bonus wicking properties of a technical fibre which draws sweat away from hard working feet Moving on from the fibres and looking at the design Bridgedale have thought hard about how these socks will be put through their paces They re thick and warm with plenty of cushioning making them ideal for long hikes cold weather and for women who want to stride in supreme comfort

Bridgedale Womens MerinoFusion Summit Sock

Bridgedale Womens MerinoFusion Summit Sock – £12.79 (rrp £15.99)


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