HotRox Electronic Handwarmer

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HotRox Hand Warmers The End To Cold Hands HotRox Hand Warmers are a brand new way of keeping your hands and other parts of your body Warm HotRox reusable hand warmers are recharged by plugging them into the wall or a computers USB port HotRox hand warmers are simple safe and easy to use You turn them on you turn them off and they can be reused over and over again What more could you want No Boiling No Burning No Fiddle No Fuss HotRox Provides Heat For Up To 6 Hours HotRox hand warmers have three heat settings Off Medium and High This allows for a heat cycle of up to 6 hours easily long enough to keep you warm whatever you are doing HotRox hand warmers are great for anything Walking Playing Golf Horse Riding Walking to work Commuting Working outdoors Fishing Shooting Working in a cold office or those with medical conditions such as Raynaud s Smooth Tactile Finish HotRox handwarmers are made to be held The sleek tactile design measures just 19mm thin Simply turn HotRox on and grasp it lightly with the hand to allow the heat to transfer and warm up your hand Once your hand is warm you can transfer the HotRox handwarmer to the other hand and enjoy the warmth Of course theres nothing stopping you using two HotRox handwarmers at the same time Instant Heat At The Flick Of A Switch Each HotRox hand warmer features a specially designed heatplate When HotRox is turned on it will rapidly heat up in around 15 seconds When HotRox handwarmer is turned off it will cool down just as quick allowing true heat on demand HotRox handwarmers use rechargeable lithium battery technology which holds its charge for months on end so you always know its ready for when you need it most

HotRox Electronic Handwarmer

HotRox Electronic Handwarmer – £17.95 (rrp £19.99)


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