Petzl e+Lite Zip Emergency Headlamp

The e+Lite Emergency Headlamp from Petzl is an extremely lightweight compact high performance emergency headlamp with an integrated retractable ZIP cord that can be stored for 10 years with its batteries so that it is always ready to use The e+Lite has three bright white LED s lighting up at 26 lumens up to 29 metres and one red LED for emergency situations allowing you to be seen from a distance of up to 300m for up to 30 hours This e+Lite Headlamp is IP67 rated making it waterproof up to 1 metre for up to 30 minutes and it also resists extreme temperatures of -30 C to +60 C

Petzl e+Lite Zip Emergency Headlamp

Petzl e+Lite Zip Emergency Headlamp – £19.95 (rrp £25.00)


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