Oswald Bailey Boot Bag

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This small investment will transform your outdoor adventures At home keep your walking boots safely stowed away and ready to grab should you need them Being able to carry both boots using the bag s single strap is surprisingly useful particularly when heading out the door with armfuls of other adventure essentials Then when you re out and about the boot bag really comes into its own After your walk no matter the conditions your boots will inevitably end up muddy Simply take them off and zip them away in the sturdy boot back – no more mud in your car no more dirt coving all the other kit you brought along This boot bag keeps your boots contained in one place ready to clean off when you get home Now let s have a look at the bag s features The thick tough 800D polyester fabric is extremely hardwearing and more than capable of keeping even studded shoes contained why not keep your muddy football boots or studded fishing boots tidied away in a boot bag The removable plastic base fits inside the bag and retains the bag s 3D shape It s easy to take out for cleaning and should you want to store the boot bag simply remove the base and fold the bag completely flat The bag opens/closes with a single large zip which makes getting your boots out really easy The exterior bottom of the bag features 4 plastic studs which keep it just off the ground This is a great feature for a couple of reasons Firstly the studs protect the fabric of the bag from wear and tear Without them stones or rough ground could cause damage but the tough studs simply and effectively keep the fabric off the ground to prevent this Secondly because the bag itself is off the ground it cannot soak up water or mud and transfer it to your car Simple but effective Imagine your next expedition without muddy boots rolling around your car Don t leave home without an Oswald Bailey Boot Bag

Oswald Bailey Boot Bag

Oswald Bailey Boot Bag – £5.50 (rrp £9.99)

Oswald Bailey

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