Survival and Bushcraft Weekend

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Would you survive a night in the wilderness? Spend the weekend getting to know the outdoors and learning what it takes to survive without any of your home comforts.

Experienced bushcraft instructors will teach you fundamental survival techniques such as how to light a fire; build your own shelter; purify water; and how to catch your own meal.

With an emphasis on hands-on learning this is a safe, fun experience conducted entirely in the wilderness. You will develop skills in navigation so that you can efficiently find your way around the countryside. You will be shown how to make natural cordage from plant fibres, construct traps and snares, and learn how to prepare rabbit, fish and birds for consumption. As the sun sets on the woodland, you will be sleeping in the shelter you have built for yourself and in the morning you’ll be sharpening knives and discovering dozens of edible plants that you can try for yourself.

The course runs in two locations Exeter in Devon and Burton Upon Trent in Staffordshire.

This is the ultimate experience for anyone who loves the outdoors and a fun course for anyone who likes an adventure.

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