Brunton Metal 4400 Go Anywhere Electronics Charger

The Metal 4400 Charger from Brunton is a compact little gadget that fits nicely in your pocket or bag that means you can take extra charge for your smart phone music players UV purifiers and other portable appliances with you when you are travelling going on an adventure or just as an everyday backup The Metal 4400 Charger has dual USB outputs including a micro USB and a standard USB outlet to allow two electronic devices to charge simultaneously and is so easy to use just simply connect your appliance to the Metal 4400 and it will automatically start charging When you are not using the USB outputs they neatly clip into the back of the Metal 4400 The Metal 4400 has indicator lights that will blink to show the charging progression and let you know the remaining battery capacity this can also be viewed by pressing the indicator button on the front so that you can keep an eye on how much extra charge you have available When your Metal 4400 needs to be topped up with more charge simply connect it directly to a USB port on a running desktop or laptop computer alternatively you can connect to a mains plug using an AC to USB outlet that is usually included with most mobile phones not included with your Metal 4400 The Metal 4400 also includes an awesome U Proof warranty that states that no matter wherever whenever or however you use a Brunton product if you break it they will fix or replace it

Brunton Metal 4400 Go Anywhere Electronics Charger

Brunton Metal 4400 Go Anywhere Electronics Charger – £44.50 (rrp £49.99)

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