**OFFER** PacSafe 55 Exomesh Backpack & Bag Protector

Pacsafe 55 Featuring patented eXomesh Ultimate security technology, the PacSafe is an adjustable high-tensile stainless steel locking device, designed to cover and protect a variety of bags and packs from tampering, pilfering and theft. Throw it around your pack, secure it to something fixed and get on with your adventure. Four sizes mean there is one to fit almost every type of backpack, soft-sided wheeled luggage or duffel bag. pacsafe 55 with eXomesh For the experienced trekker or those who simply prefer to carry the bare essentials. Perfect for small backpacks and smaller luggage items. The slightly larger PacSafe 85 has the distinction of winning Backpacker Magazine’s coveted Editors’ Choice Award. 1, 2 and 3 show eXomesh Ultimate complete lock &amp leave system – slashproof, snatchproof, tamperproof Folds and fits into a small carrying pouch *Fits volume approximately: 25-55 L / 1550-3400 in3 *Weight: 500 g / 1 lb 1 oz including padlock *Folds to: 14 x 10 x 5 cm / 5.5 x 4 x 2 in *Padlock included *Carry pouch included *Model #PA000NT

**OFFER** PacSafe 55 Exomesh Backpack & Bag Protector

**OFFER** PacSafe 55 Exomesh Backpack & Bag Protector – £52.69 (rrp £52.69)

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