MSR FlyLite Tent (MSR FlyLite Tent)

MSR FlyLite Tent Description: As with many outdoor products, the trend in backpacking tents is to go as minimalist as possible without sacrificing on comfort or weather protection. For 2015, MSR took a creative design approach to give ultralighters exactly what they are looking for with the FlyLite two-person tent. At 1 lb. 9 oz. (710 g), it’s the lightestfull-protection shelter MSR has ever made. To cut out a large chunk of weight, MSR ditched the traditional tent pole structure and instead used two standard trekking poles for support in the single-wall tent design. A single ultra-light mini-pole adds structure to the rear of the tent, but can also be swapped out for a trekking pole if you are traveling with another person. Despite the FlyLite’s minimalist construction, the vertical side walls of the canopy and the 29-square-foot floor space mean two people have ample space to sit and sleep comfortably.

MSR FlyLite Tent (MSR FlyLite Tent)

MSR FlyLite Tent (MSR FlyLite Tent) – £297.00 (rrp £297.00)

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