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I’m always looking for interesting and unique places to stay, so when I saw ‘Carry on Champing’ as an advert on The Churches Conservation Trust website, I was very intrigued!

What is champing?   Apparently it is camping in a church, and not in the  graveyard! A truly unique camping experience.


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The Churches Conservation Trust announced the expansion of its unique ‘champing’ breaks – which offer the chance to sleep the night in a church.

The trust looks after 347 churches that are no longer used for regular worship.

‘Champers’ will now be able to choose from three rural churches for their break St Mary the Virgin in Fordwich, All Saints Church in Aldwincle, Northamptonshire, and in the Georgian interior of St Cyriac & St Julitta at Swaffham Prior, Cambridgeshire. The trust is hoping to add more.

The cost is £60 per person per night, including breakfast, but those booking before 1st June will also be able to take advantage of a limited-term early bird offer of £45 per person per night –

Champers are asked to bring their own bedding, which includes pillows and sleeping bags or duvets. Camping beds are provided which are either inflatable or fold-out beds.  They also provide cushions, camping chairs and bean bags to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

You have exclusive use of the church for your own group.

Families are welcomed and chilren under the age of ten are free (a small cost is charged for breakfast).

The champing season runs from May –  September, the churches are not heated so you are advised to  bring extra layers and warm socks in addition to sleeping bags / duvets as you would have to with camping!

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