McNett SeamGrip – Seam & Outdoor Repair Kit (28g Tube) (28g)

Help your tent keep the rain out.Seam Grip is amazing. It’s an award-winning repair adhesive that can keep you dry in any weather. It permanently seals the seams on your tent, pack and rainwear. It can repair rips, tears and holes in your gear, too. It’s your all-purpose liquid tool in a tube. Seam Grip is part of a comprehensive line of Care and Repair products from Gear Aid. With Gear Aid, anyone can be a master of gear repair. Ideal for on uncoated and polyurethane coated fabrics.Long considered the industry standard, Seam Grip was awarded the prestigious Editors’ Choice Gold Award from Backpacker Magazine in 2002.Use Seam Grip to repair surfaces or seal seams of natural and synthetic fabrics, waterproof laminates, leather and vinyl. Seam Grip may be used to repair all types of waders and footwear, neoprene, PVC, rubber, and more. Concentrated and waterproof, Seam Grip offers excellent adhesion, long lasting flexibility, superior traction and abrasion resistance, with minimal shrinkage.Seals the seams on tents, tarps, backpacks, rainwearPermanently patches holes and repairs tearsWashable and unaffected by extreme cold or heatOne tube seals seams on an average 2-person backpacking tent Note: For silicone-treated tent and tarp fabrics, use SilNetTM Silicone Seam Sealer and Sil Fix Adhesive.What is it? When cured (dry) Seam Grip is a very thin, clear, elastic urethane rubber. How it works: Seam Grip is applied to a stitched seam, a hole or a tear and allowed to cure over a period of 8-12 hours.When applied, Seam Grip cures by reacting with humidity in the air. It doesn’t ‘dry’ the way other glues do. It changes from a moderately thick liquid to a thin, flexible, elastic rubber.Once cured, it’s permanent. The repair will generally last the life of the item.Additional User Comments:Users are always impressed at the extreme toughness and waterproofness of seams sealed with Seam Grip. We have had users make tents and tarps without stitching by simply bonding all the seams with Seam Grip. The results have been incredibly strong, waterproof shelters. Many users have commented that "factory seam tapes last a certain number of years, but Seam Grip lasts forever." Users have sealed seams on tents, packs, outerwear, boots and much more.Seam Grip is also heavily used to patch holes in tents, packs, clothing and other gear using the ‘plastic tape backing method’ (see diagram under the instruction tab)

McNett SeamGrip - Seam & Outdoor Repair Kit (28g Tube) (28g)

McNett SeamGrip – Seam & Outdoor Repair Kit (28g Tube) (28g) – £7.13 (rrp £7.13)

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