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8 simple ways to keep your tent cool in a hot summer night

Pitch your tent where the shade is first thing in the morning, your tent will start to heat up as soon as the sun hits it in the morning. All tents will get hot in direct sunlight, synthetic fabrics, polyester etc., tend to get hotter than natural materials. Cotton tents… Read more »

A Few Things You Learn The First Time You Go Camping

Many of you will have been camping regularly throughout your lives; some of you might be planning your first ever camping trip. But whether you are an occasional camper, a hardened regular or just about to go camping for the first time there are always a few things that can… Read more »

GoPro – The Most Popular Gadget This Christmas

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What are you hoping for under your tree this Christmas? One of the most popular gadgets to be given as a gift this Christmas is the GoPro. Capture footage from all  extreme sports such as mountain biking and skiing. If you have left it to the last minute to buy your gifts it… Read more »