Travel Hairdryers and Travel Hair Straighteners.

There is nothing better for me when I go camping than not having to worry about make up and doing my hair!

However on long camping trips if I am going somewhere where there is electricity I will pack a travel hairdryer, these are particularly useful when its cold and my hair isn’t going to dry quickly and as my Gran used to say “You’ll catch your death of cold”.

There are plenty of travel accessories on the market, so you can still take your hair products if space is limited.

Go Travel Power Dryer to Go UK (Hair Dryer with a UK Plug)

Go Travel Power Dryer to Go UK (Hair Dryer with a UK Plug)The Power Dryer to Go UK from Go Travel (formerly “Design Go”) has a powerful 1200w motor and will ensure your hair always look its best.

The handy foldaway design is the perfect solution for space saving.

A product I will look to purchase is the travel hair straightener.

Go Travel Travel Straightener

Go Travel Travel StraightenerThe Travel Straighteners from Design Go Travel are the smallest and most discreet straightener.   These tiny straighteners are only 15cm long and 2cm wide and perfect for taming those unruly tresses. Heating up is instant and the tourmaline ceramic coated plates provide a shiny, silky finish. Use for straightening or curling while you travel.

BCB Folding Hairbrush

BCB Folding Hairbrush

The BCB Folding Hairbrush is a handy folding hairbrush with internal mirror.




BCB Stainless Steel Camping Mirror (10.8cm X 8.3cm)

BCB Stainless Steel Camping Mirror (10.8cm X 8.3cm)BCB Adventure Stainless Steel Camping Mirror (10.8cm X 8.3cm) Description

The mirror can be used for shaving, combing hair, brushing teeth and applying/removing make-up.

The mirror is very tough and durable. It can be used for signalling in an emergency.  The hole can be used for hanging the mirror.

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