GX-7 Original TurboFlame

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TheTurboflame Laser Jet Lighter is essential for any outdoor enthusiast s survival kit The military version has a new soft rubber coating is easy to grip and is offered in military colours Its jet-like precision flame reaches temperatures up to 1300c and has a lock on flame that makes it a handy pocket blow-torch which can withstand up to 10 minutes of continuous use Ideal for safely lighting HEXI blocks in seconds even in the worst weather conditions Turboflame clean burn technology means it can also melt synthetic materials without depositing black carbon so outdoor equipment can be quick fixed without discolouration Outdoor enthusiasts include Turbo flame in their emergency kits to melt p-tex seal micro – cracks in boards and canoes cut and seal PARA rope and blast rust from metal Turboflame work up to 3000 M 12 000 ft altitude and don t self-combust at high altitudes All in all Turbo flame is the perfect accompaniment to the pocket-knife and flashlight – a must for any survival kit

GX-7 Original TurboFlame

GX-7 Original TurboFlame – £8.99 (rrp £8.99)


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